Product Name
Breast Fillet Butterfly (100g - 300g)
Breast Fillet Skin Off Sliced
Breast Fillet Skin On/Off Double & Half
Chemical Free Chicken (Size 12" to 18")
Chicken giblet
Chicken Heart
Chicken Kebab
Chicken Kiev Skin On/Off (200g - 300g)
Chicken Liver
Chicken Mince
Chicken Neck
Chicken Ribs
Chicken Sausage Plain
Chicken Scapula
Chicken Shredded Breast (With Different Flavours)
Chicken Tenderloin
Cornfed Chicken (Size 15")
Drumstick Fillet Skin On/Off
Maryland (250g - 500g+)
Maryland Fillet Skin On/Off
Middle Wing
Mini Drum
Thigh Cutlet Skin On/Off
Thigh Fillet Skin On/Off
Twin Pack Chicken
Whole Chicken (Size 9" to 30")
Whole Thigh
Wing Nibble (85g, 120g, 150g With Different Flavour)
Product Name
Duck Breast Fillet
Duck Confit Maryland (Cooked)
Duck Fat Rendered
Duck Livers
Duck Maryland Back Bone Removed
Duck Whole Size 15" to 24"
Duck Wings 3 Joint
Roasted Duck Breast
Product Name
Turkey Premium Roast Double Breast
Turkey Breast Mince
Turkey Breast Pulled
Turkey Breast Roll Raw/Smoked
Turkey Breast Single
Turkey Breast Single Cooked
Turkey Breast Single Wing Bone On
Turkey Breast Skin On/Off Fresh/Frozen
Turkey Buffe Oven Roasted
Turkey Drumstick
Turkey Hindquarter
Turkey Kiev Wing On Skin On
Turkey Tenderloin
Turkey Thigh
Turkey Thigh Fillet Skin On/Off
Turkey Thinly Cut
Turkey Whole Marinated Size 94"
Turkey Whole Size 28" to 108"
Turkey Wing