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buy beef wholesale
Product Name
Beef BBQ Cut
Beef Blade
Beef Bone
Beef Brisket
Beef Cheek Meat
Beef Chunk
Beef Conical Shin
Beef Cube Roll
Beef Eye Round
Beef Heel Muscle
Beef Knuckle
Beef Mince
Beef Pho Sliced
Beef Rump
Beef Sandwich Steak
Beef Slice
Beef Striploin
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Tendon
Beef Tongue
Beef Topside Cap Off
Beef Topside Denuded
Beef Topside Yg
Beef Tri Tip
Beef Wagyu Rump
buy beef wholesale

Buy Beef at Wholesale Prices

Buy Beef at Wholesale Prices

Nutritious and high quality meat comes only from butchers and suppliers who maintain high standard quality control measures. Here at B&E Foods, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We deliver highly quality beef with fine cuts and portions available to suit any customer requirements. We service Australia wide. If you’re looking to buy beef at wholesale prices in Australia, get in touch now.



Renowned Food Suppliers and Wholesalers in Australia

B&E Foods is a full service distribution company supplying poultry products to restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, supermarket chains, and food service operators all over Australia. Our dedicated team of staff members collectively work to deliver orders to customers at highly competitive prices. Our motto at B&E foods is to build long term business relationships by delivering high value products & services to our clients.


Quality Products

When you order beef from us, we guarantee top quality and fresh meat right at your doorstep. We never use chemicals to keep the beef fresh for longer and you will never get average quality meat from us.

Highly Competitive Prices

We promise direct to consumer pricing for our customers, since we deal directly and deliver poultry and other food supplies right to your doorstep from our distribution warehouse, cutting out any indirect costs.

Convenient Shopping

By ordering from us you don’t need to go through multiple food suppliers. You can buy beef at wholesale prices along with all of our other wholesale food products.

No Artificial Packaging

We never use artificial packaging to make beef look fresh and red. Instead, we use high quality packaging solutions and give our customers a huge product list to choose from. Check out the list given at the left side.


The products we sell are packed with complete care so that every piece gets chopped at peak freshness and flavor. We then vacuum pack every item to maintain its freshness and ensure industry standard Freezer Life Guarantee.

What Else Makes Us the Right Choice to Buy Wholesale Beef?

  • Years of experience in serving restaurants, hotels, and food chains across Australia.
  • Since we began with a small retail shop, we understand the value of investment and quality.
  • We have around 60 refrigerated vehicles that keep the products safe and fresh, offering long storage periods.
  • We can cut and alter orders as per the customer’s requirements.
  • We have a huge list of beef parts to choose from.
  • Easy purchase and delivery process that allow customers to place an order through a phone call or by fax.
  • Have dedicated professionals who deliver products with complete responsibility.
buy beef wholesale